Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hat trick for Beatrice

Bless her, Beatrice hasnt been blessed with good taste, maybe we have her mum to thank for that ! But Between them, Beatrice and Euginea were possibly the worst dressed at the RW. Try too hard springs to mind. Too Old ! was another phrase that summed them up and even the 'ugly sisters' were mentioned. Ahhh, well it shows that a big budget dosent make up for personal style. Valentino is one of my all time favourite designers, but the nude, blush shade was old and washed Beatrice out. It was a statement coat which didnt need a statement hat as well ..... less is more. On a high note, her shoes were divine, far more elegant than VB's 'slag shoes'. Viv Westwood for her younger sibling was the wrong cut for her figure shape, in too bold a fabric which again required a more subtle headpiece. The pair were almost comical compared to the modern, slick Spencer girls....... in Victoria Beckham dresses and rather more understated milinery. But hey, B stepped up to the critics and flogged the offending headwear for a whooping £80,000 plus in the name of charity, thats what i call a hat-trick !

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