Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hat trick for Beatrice

Bless her, Beatrice hasnt been blessed with good taste, maybe we have her mum to thank for that ! But Between them, Beatrice and Euginea were possibly the worst dressed at the RW. Try too hard springs to mind. Too Old ! was another phrase that summed them up and even the 'ugly sisters' were mentioned. Ahhh, well it shows that a big budget dosent make up for personal style. Valentino is one of my all time favourite designers, but the nude, blush shade was old and washed Beatrice out. It was a statement coat which didnt need a statement hat as well ..... less is more. On a high note, her shoes were divine, far more elegant than VB's 'slag shoes'. Viv Westwood for her younger sibling was the wrong cut for her figure shape, in too bold a fabric which again required a more subtle headpiece. The pair were almost comical compared to the modern, slick Spencer girls....... in Victoria Beckham dresses and rather more understated milinery. But hey, B stepped up to the critics and flogged the offending headwear for a whooping £80,000 plus in the name of charity, thats what i call a hat-trick !

Monday, 9 May 2011

Royal Wedding summer fashion

The Royal Wedding enabled some Royals and celebs to show off their taste or lack of it ! further posts to follow....... However, for the women in the street, it was more about having fun. With this in mind, i hosted a summer fashion show showing, swimwear, holiday gear and lush cocktail and evening dresses. In fact, everything Kate would need for her belated honeymoon. The finale was lead by Jodi, one of my experienced and very beautiful models with a crown, union flag and Kate mask, hee hee. A goodtime was had by all ! Watch this space for my personal review of the BEST and WORST outfits of the Royal Wedding.