Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Check out my SATC2 STYLE SESSIONS info will be on my site very soon........watch this space.
The insiders guide to all things glam.

Top tips from the movie, how to rock Springs new looks and bring some sex to your city!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

forbidden journey

Hi peeps,
I'm back from my jaunt to assist in the SATC2 movie......its full of Eastern promise and very funny so i am sure you will enjoy it when it comes out May 2010.
Being an extra is no fun- 14-16hr day herded around set, waiting to be used.
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't!
Still, it has its pluses- get to see the stars up close, i even got to chat to them.
learn a bit about the plot, check out the wardrobes, explore the location, can't be bad!

The main reason i went was to meet Patricia Field, my heroine on the celeb styling circuit.
What a cool and friendly lady, she rocks!
Luckily for me, she so liked my dress i was allowed to wear it for filming- "lots of colour", those were her words. so i styled myself for the film.
If you don't get to see me cos my bit ends up on the editing floor, i reckon you will see my ring.
Its worn by a lady in a veil eating chips- dont ask....... its black and round and blingy- look out for it!