Thursday, 27 January 2011

Yummy Mummy styling

Hi peeps, Had a great day styling a new client, a very 'yummy mummy' who needs looks to work with her problem.
Remember to always LISTEN before making suggestions, im not a member of the fashion police.
We are ALL sensitive souls, a pregnancy can change your body shape, and make you loose confidence.
I think, no i hope, no i know, by the time i left my client was back in love with herself- RESULT.

Working from her own style starting point, ive developed her quirky fashion sense into a more refined luxe boho look, suitable for her age and career.

More updates on her journey soon......GO girl !

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

charity 2 couture

charity 2 couture

charity shop chic

Hi all,

Long time no here we all are in a new year, what hopes and dreams do we all have?

Do we care about anything or anyone other than ourselves? Hope so !!!

My aim is to concentrate on wearing, making, promoting sustainable fashion........dosent have to be organic, ethical would be nice.

Recently, i organized and hosted a charity fashion show, the theme was CHARITY 2 COUTURE.

With this in mind, i styled 3 themes using charity donated clothing.

10 models wore 3 seperate looks on the catwalk........english heritage tweed, modern metalics, and my take on the 'little black dress'

Proving that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to look hot and directional.

renewable clothing is the way forward, upcycling is the new designer........think before you buy a new item, think about the impact on the environment, think about the COST