Thursday, 3 December 2009

forbidden journey

Hi peeps,
I'm back from my jaunt to assist in the SATC2 movie......its full of Eastern promise and very funny so i am sure you will enjoy it when it comes out May 2010.
Being an extra is no fun- 14-16hr day herded around set, waiting to be used.
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't!
Still, it has its pluses- get to see the stars up close, i even got to chat to them.
learn a bit about the plot, check out the wardrobes, explore the location, can't be bad!

The main reason i went was to meet Patricia Field, my heroine on the celeb styling circuit.
What a cool and friendly lady, she rocks!
Luckily for me, she so liked my dress i was allowed to wear it for filming- "lots of colour", those were her words. so i styled myself for the film.
If you don't get to see me cos my bit ends up on the editing floor, i reckon you will see my ring.
Its worn by a lady in a veil eating chips- dont ask....... its black and round and blingy- look out for it!

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